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24kt Gold 


Best 24kt Gold Anti-Aging MicroNeedling Facials in Beaumont, Ca 

Anti-Aging Treatment

There are several benefits of getting a 24kt Gold microneedling treatment done. Besides Gold not only gives beautiful, glowing, and youthful skin, and let's not forget it is Instagram-worthy! Gold delays premature aging of the skin and increases skin-tightening. It is loaded with antioxidants that ward away the toxins of the environment and reverses sun damage. This is why clients after treatment always report saying that the skin feels softer, brighter, and supple. The Gold facial boosts elastin production and promotes the regeneration of the skin. 

Additional benefits of the facial are

  •   It works well for dry and oily skin.

  •   It improves blood circulation in the area.

  •   Improves lymphatic drainage.

  •   Removes toxins from the skin.

  •   Restores the skin and improves its elasticity of the skin.

  •   The properties of gold help to reduce fine lines because of its anti-aging properties.

  •   It reverses the sun damage caused to the skin.

  •   It benefits skin lightening and controls pigment formation.

  • Increases skin’s elasticity

  •  lightens the skin’s complexion,

  • stimulates the cells making the skin firm

  •  improves blood circulation and prevents premature aging, wrinkles

  •  treatment with gold serums, gold foils, 24 carat gold hydration mask and LED equipment, 

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