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Breast & Areola Micropigmentation

Skin imperfections can cause a lack of self-esteem. Many women who have had breast augmentation, breast enhancement, or other surgeries have scars that they wish weren’t there.  We work closely with the client to camouflage those scars with medical needling and tattooing techniques. Skin micropigmentation Camouflage helps to conceal and reduce the visibility of scars, burns, vitiligo, stretch marks, or any other skin discolorations. It can be your solution to stop suffering and to start to feel beautiful again.

Breast surgical scars are one of the most common types of scars being camouflaged in our office; The process of inserting colored pigments into the upper layer of the dermis will visually restore your appearance by rendering scars invisible.

Most breast operations require incisions at or around the edge of the areola which may produce scarring. The most common periareolar scars are from breast augmentation or reduction surgeries. Some breast surgeries create vertical scars from the nipple to the lower portion of the breast which may need to be relaxed, or camouflaged. Some patients are left with diagonal or horizontal scars all of which need to be softened, blended, or reduced. 

 More commonly known names for popular types of breast scars are ANCHOR SCARS (Inverted T) & LOLLIPOP SCARS















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Areola Restoration and Nipple Tattooing

This procedure is often considered the final step after major breast related surgeries including, breast reduction, mastectomies, reconstruction, or implantsNipple tattooing helps to rebuild not only appearance but also the internal emotional state of both women and men.

Micropigmentation techniques can recreate shape and color, and even completely restore an areola and nipple to a more realistic look. 


is the medical term for the surgical removal of one (or both) breasts (partially or in full). After this procedure, what is left of the breast is minimal until an implant is put in and there is little to no areola left. Oftentimes, surgeries like this leave visible scars on and around the breast area. Through Scar Camouflage; Inkless (medical needling) and Ink (corrective tattooing) Methods we are able to camouflage, minimize, or completely get rid of those scars left behind.

It is also common for the breast to be left with little or no areola,  re-creating and repigmenting areolas and nipples for both men and women

Difference between Ink & Inkless Methods


Scars resulting from mastectomy and lumpectomy, and other breast surgical scars can be flattened, and in some cases disappear. The needling causes trauma to the skin which promotes collagen in the healing process encouraging regrowth of brand new skin over the scar. After several sessions the procedure can make the scar virtually disappear. This process is best taken place in preparation for the areola repigmentation.


When the skin needling is not quite enough or when we need to create/change color of the areolas we finish the treatment off with our Ink Method also known as Camouflage or Permanent Make Up treatment.  Which uses flesh coloured pigments to hide scars/imperfections of the skin.

For more information about Scar Micropigmentation Camouflage check out Scar & stretch marks Page and FAQ Page. 



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Areola Restoration In Redlands, CA



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