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In our opinion, the pros far outweigh the cons. Here are 5 great reasons to go for it!

1. It stays on! The main benefit (and a reason for getting semi-permanent makeup applied) is that it stays on all the time, day or night... smudge proof leaving you with No black eyes!! 2. Reduces wear on the skin. It’s much less stressful for your skin if you aren’t cleaning makeup off quite so often! Less abrasion equals less wear! 3. It saves money. Sure, getting the procedure done in the first place might be a bit of an outlay, money-wise. But in the long run, you’ll save a heap of cash in standard makeup purchases. Remember, semi-permanent makeups last a long time. 4. It saves time. No more getting up extra early to apply eyeliner for work. You can eliminate that task from your ‘getting ready’ routine and use that time for something else. 5. You’ll look fantastic every single day. You may well be great at applying your own makeup as well, but this way you don’t have to worry about the odd day when you might get your eyeliner wonky!

What Is Eyeliner Tattoo?

Eyeliner tattoo is a form of cosmetic tattooing, often referred to as semi-permanent makeup, that is done by a trained technician. The pigment used is very different from body tattooing ink and is only deposited on the first layer of skin. The color is designed to fade over time, hence the term ‘semi-permanent’. This allows for face changes, ageing and trends. The tattoo is applied to the lash line, and can be applied as a fine, thin, or medium to thick eye-liner style.

If you are sick of applying daily makeup, want to have a more precise eyeliner line, or can’t achieve the perfect eyeliner, permanent makeup may be for you.

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