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Stretch Marks & Scar Removal Questions: Your Cosmetic And Medical Tattoo Specialist


Scar Removal is also known as Scar Camouflage or Micropigmentation. It is in the field of Paramedical or Medical Tattoos. Here at NUDETATU, we like to call our Scar Camouflage a couple of different names:

  1. "Skin Camouflage" - We work on camouflage more than just scars; Birthmarks, Vitiligo, Traditional Tattoos, Dark Undereye Circles, Skin Discolorations such as Dark(Hyper) Underarms, Sunspots, and more,

  2. "Nude Tattoos"- Some of the clients that come to us have never had a traditional tattoo before, so we joke with them that they are finally getting a tattoo!! However, this tattoo no one will ever see because it will be a "Nude Tattoo" - hence our name NUDETATU

What are Scars?

Scars are marks left on the skin after wounds, surgical procedures, or injuries have healed. They can remain permanent if left unmanaged. Scars can easily catch anybody's attention because they look different from your skin tone, and most of them stand out negatively either by color, texture, or both.

Are There Different Types of Scars? Why do scars, scar? Scarring results from the body's natural healing process after body tissue has been damaged.

There are different kinds of scars. Most scars are flat and pale. However, when the body produces too much collagen, scars can be raised. Some scars can have a sunken or pitted appearance. This kind of scarring occurs when underlying structures supporting the skin are lost. Some surgical scars have this appearance, as do many scars from acne called Pitted Scars. Scars also can appear as stretched skin. In addition, this type of scar can occur when the skin is under tension (near a joint, pregnancy) during the healing process. Pregnancy can result in Stretch Mark scars. Depending on your skin type and the extent of the injury or surgery, you may develop one of four types of scars. Keloids, contracture scar, Hypertrophic scars, acne scars . What is the treatment for Scar Removal? Scars never completely go away, but skin needling and camouflage can be used to reduce the size and shape of the scars to help you feel more confident about your appearance. The benefit of treating the scars with skin needling and camouflage is that you experience little to no discomfort and return to your normal activities shortly after treatment.

What is Skin Needling?

Skin needling is our Inkless Treatments. We use a mix of serums, organic oils, vitamins, and nutrients under the skin to improve cellular turnover, reconstruction, and rejuvenation of Fibroblast cells, Collagen, and Elastin. Whether they're red, purple, or white, this natural treatment can reduce your stretch marks by 20%-100% after just one session.

What is Skin Camouflage?

Covering your scar with a flesh-colored tattoo can come by many names, including scar camouflage, corrective pigment camouflage, and skin color tattooing, to name a few. Still, the most common term is scar camouflage.

This technique also smooths out and relaxes the texture of scars by using digital needling to generate micro-trauma to the skin. This stimulates the body's wound-healing response, leaving your scars more even and less taut.

Inkless Camouflage is different and can start almost immediately in many cases. Since our inkless method contains natural products.. such as oils, vitamins, plant stem cells, etc These custom-made serums are full of antioxidants that help prevent cellular damage and help wounds heal better, and improve the appearance of scars. Coming to us early enough can play a huge difference in the visibility and texture of the scar/stretch marks.


Brazilian Scar & Stretchmark Tattoos only help conceal and diminish the appearance so that they are less perceptible to the naked eye. Think of it as having a permanent filter, taking away the white contrast, AND ALLOWING IT TO BLEND IN WITH YOUR SURROUNDING SKIN INKLESS (DryNeedling) has the ability to naturally improve scar and skin texture by rebuilding the collagen and fibroblast cells

Is the Scar Removal procedure uncomfortable? Most patients remain comfortable during the procedure with only a topical numbing agent. However, the Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo is a penetrative skin procedure, so a small amount of discomfort may be experienced.