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How to take care of your scar camouflage tattoo: keeping your tattoo clean

Easy Aftercare for your new tattoo.....NUDETATU

How to keep your Scar Camouflage Tattoo clean

A tattoo can also be considered a medical procedure because the artist uses a needle to insert the ink underneath your skin. As a result, you leave yourself vulnerable to scarring and infections whenever you open the skin.

Caring for your tattoo can prevent those complications and ensure that the tattoo heals properly. We here at NUDETATU will apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment over the tattoo before you leave. We will also give you Aftercare to use at home. The Aftercare will help prevent bacteria from getting into your skin and provide nutrients needed for faster healing. It also protects the tattoo from rubbing onto your clothes and getting irritated or dried out.

Tip #1 - Use Gentle Soap on your fresh scar camouflage tattoo

Your new tattoo is your baby. Take care of it by frequently washing it with an unscented, antibacterial soap to avoid infection.

how to

First, wash your hands with water and soap. Then gently wash the tattoo with warm water and fragrance-free soap. Pat your skin dry with a soft cloth.

Apply a small amount of Aftercare or fragrance-free and alcohol-free moisturizer to the tattoo.

It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks for your tattoo to be healed entirely, but even after it's healed, it's essential to keep it clean and moisturized.

Before listing your tips below

Tip #2 - Keep your tattoo clean and dry.


Yoga pants & Legginings for Tummy Tuck Scar Camouflage work great
Sports Bra & Bralettes work great for Breast Augmentation Scar Camouflage

Tip #3 - Hydrate your skin.

Moisturize tattooed skin three to four times daily for the first few weeks after it has healed.

Don't forget to let the area also breathe!! Don't suffocate it with ointment. A nice layer works great.

Tip #4 - Remember to wear a sunscreen

SPF is you new BFF

Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight if at all possible.

Tattoos can fade in the sun, even nude-colored ones– so when it's completely healed, make sure your tattoo is covered in sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection (UVA and UVB) with an SPF of 30 or higher and water resistance (If you are going to be in the water).

Tip #5 - Know your body

Scabbing and healing time can differ from person to person. Adjust to your body. You probably have a good idea of your skin's healing process if you have tattoos. If your skin is itching, then your skin is dry, and you may need to apply AftercareAftercareAftercareAftercareAftercare more often.

Scar camouflage is a tattoo...

There is no downtime with scar camouflage. You can go to work and go about most everyday activities you would typically do. But, in the end, people get tattoos daily, and that's why scar camouflage is a skin-colored tattoo.

Check our website and blogs for more information about scar camouflage or aftercare tips.

The benefits of scar camouflage and micropigmentation: Reduce the appearance of scars and burns Correct skin discoloration Increase self-esteem and confidence Whether your scar results from

an injury, surgery, burn, or other cause, this scar camouflage can help you get the skin of your dreams. Skin Camouflage disguises scars and discolorations from Cleft palate Birthmarks Age spots Cosmetic surgeries, including facelifts and tummy tucks. Burn Scars Hypo Pigmentations Surgery Scars Stretch marks Plastic Surgery Scars Injury Scars Congenital Anomalies Vitiligo (in remission) Liposuction Scars Butt Lift Scars (BBL) Burns And MORE

For more information on Tummy Tuck Scar Revision and Scar Removal Contact NUDETATU Located in Downtown Redlands Ca Text us at 909-648-9856 or visit us at

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