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All about NUDETATU

Welcome to OUR Studio. Get to know us a bit better and what we do -

We focus on making Stretch Mark, Scars, skin discolorations, and wrinkles disappear through Skin Camouflage, Micro-needling, and Permanent Make-Up.

How did we get here?

Hey there, I'm Kris and funny enough, so is my husband.." but without the "K" (Chris), and we have a little one that just so happens to be our Story, little Miss Story Jane.

For over six years, we were lucky enough to travel all over the country, perfecting our craft, working with some amazing companies and some awesome Doctors, consulting, training, and doing what we love Medical & CoIt'sic Tattoos!

It's crazy, but somewhere in the middle of it all, we got married, had a baby, and then.

Covid happened...

This wild, crazy and amazing ride sure wasn't planned, but sometimes the best things in life aren't, and to think that this all began because Chris was losing his

(Chris) Now I know what you are thinking...

You're thinking, this guy with the amazing, awe-inspiring mohawk that looks something like a cross warrior's Trojan warrior's helmet and a majestic unicorn horn was actually losing his hair?!?

I get it, but I was indeed losing my hair.

(Kris) Ok, you were losing your hair, but nobody has ever said that about your mohawk, LOL

Let's stick to the facts...

When he started losing his hair, it didn't make a difference to me, but I knew that it bothered him, especially when he refused to take off his hat during family photos. So I finally scheduled him a consultation to learn more about a hair transplant.

(Chris) Ya, I went to the appointment, and they said it would cost around 16 thousand dollars and that I might need to have a few procedures to have the results I wanted, and I knew that was something that we couldn't afford. I was bummed. But money aside, I wanted to have it done so bad!

(Kris) He came home and told me everything that they said; he was pretty quiet about how he felt about it, so I immediately knew he was upset that we couldn't afford to have it done. I left for work and spent the whole day trying to figure out a way to make it possible, but I wasn't sure we really could. I just felt so bad for him. Well, it turns out that I didn't need to because he was so excited by the time I got home!

(Chris) So what had happened was, the guy I talked to at the Doctors office said that he had just had a hair transplant himself and when I asked him how much he paid, he said, that if you work for them, they give you free procedures because you can't sell hair transplants if you are going bald yourself...

(Kris) So he did what any rational person would do.

(Chris) Yep, I applied for every hair transplant company in the country, and the next day, I got a job from a company that gave free hair transplants to its employees in Tennessee!

(Kris) ...and you left out the fact that you already had a job and that we lived in California...

Do you see now what I'm dealing with?

(Chris) A freaking genius!

(Kris) I didn't think so at the time, especially when we had less than three months to pack up everything and move across the country just because you wanted your hair back. The only thing that made me say ok was that it sounded like a pretty good career, and it was until...

(Chris) Until I got had an even better idea!

(Kris) LOL... Long story short, after a few years, he had a client come in that had a procedure called Scalp Micropigmentation done. It's a hair tattoo that creates the illusion of hair follicles so that there is less contrast between your natural hair and your scalp that shows through when someone has hair loss. After he saw that, he came home and said he was going to find a way to learn how to do it and that we were going to open up a shop of our own and offer the procedure. And as I'm sure by now, he made it happen.

​After a while, we opened up our first business, and it wasn't too long after that that he was getting offers to do the procedure for other companies and train them as well. Eventually, we wanted to expand our services and add more similar services, and that's when I got involved. We ended up learning some really unique and life-changing procedures we call Paramedical Tattoos.

(Chris) So for the last six years, we've been lucky enough to travel all over the country, perfecting our craft. We've worked with some amazing companies and met some awesome Doctors consulting, training, and doing what we have both come to absolute love, Paramedical Tattoos!

(Kris) It's crazy, but somewhere in the middle of it all, we got married, had a baby, and then Covid happened. With our business shut down and absent from all of our friends and family with a baby during the lockdowns was pretty rough, to say the least. We had already been thinking about settling down and planting some roots closer to home ever since we had our baby girl Story; Covid just reinforced those decisions for us.