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Lets explain Microneedling A little more in detail and how it works  

which one is right  for you


Microneedling is more than a rejuvenating facial treatment, Whether you’re curious about microneedling for its ability to reduce fine lines or you want to get a treatment to reduce the redness or discoloration in your skin, you’ll find that microneedling can help in so many ways!

Micro-Needling works by using a  tattoo pen's mechanical action to allow needles to puncture the skin and create a controlled injury at a specific depth. Each puncture creates a channel that triggers the body's natural healing process to fill these micro-wounds by producing new collagen and elastin in the skin's upper layer called the dermis.

"We are basically tricking your skin into thinking it has been wounded, but as a result, we're thickening the skin and improving the texture with this procedure."

Besides helping produce new collagen. Microneedling can also help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation & Hypopigmentation.(dark spots, sun spots, redness, etc.), smooths fine lines and wrinkles. It is particularly well suited for fading acne scars. It can also be used as an anti-aging treatment. Microneedling plumps skin and improves its appearance.helps reduce pore size, acne, scars, cellulite, stimulate hair regrowth on the scalp, and more... we explain it more and how it. These are just some of the benefits of microneedling!!




Still confused on which one is right for you let us break it down a little more

Think of it this way; MEDICAL needling gives your Collagen a big Ol' kick in the butt and tells it to get to work.. COSMETIC needling gives your collagen a friendly little bump or tap to get back to work. NANO needling gives our skin the nutrients it needs to keep working on giving us the collagen but it doesn't  help produce the collagen


Can be done every 4-6 weeks

The most intense micro-needling is good for treating specific concerns such as deep wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, etc.  Medical needling uses longer needles (.5mm to 2.5mm) to stimulate the dermis, your skin’s deeper layers. Since our bodies stop creating collagen naturally over time, this procedure can be beneficial for just about anyone over the age of 25 or 30. With Medical-Needling, we only use  Hyaluronic Acid (which our body already produces) to act as a lubricant. This is to insure our skin doesn't react to other serums going that deep into our skin. THERE is no need to infuse other serums during Medical needling. Our goal for Medical-Needling is to get your Collagen working the way it should the way it did when we were younger.

There is no need to worry about feeling uncomfortable during treatment, as the topical anesthetic will thoroughly numb the area before treatment.

Multiple sessions are normally required, and each visit re-triggers the body's repair process until the desired level of skin rejuvenation is achieved.

4 - 6 treatments are recommended for treating specific concerns. Treatments are scheduled 4 - 6 weeks apart.

Once your desired results are reached, you can continue to have it done every 4-6 weeks as a skincare routine, or you have it done as little as every 3-6 months when you feel your skin needs a little refresh!  Once you feel the results you were looking for have been achieved, we recommend moving on to Cosmetic or Nano needling to help your skin keep its natural glow. Continue to do Medical needling on an "as-needed basis" every 3-6  Months



Can be done every 2 weeks

Similar to medical needling but with shorter needle lengths.  (less than .5 mm long) to fractionally stimulate the epidermis and upper-dermis, your skin’s outer layers. Cosmetic needling still triggers collagen but not as intense as Medical needling. This is a great option as you can do it more often, and we can infuse some more nutrients into the skin that we can not do during Medical needling. Cosmetic needling can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines but may not be optimal for treating acne scars or other scar types, which may require deeper penetration to break up existing scar tissue mechanically.

Cosmetic Needling we are able to start infusing serums your skin and collagen needs to rebuild and stay healthy!




aka Micro-Channeling
Can be done daily/weekly

Nano Infusion uses smaller needles at an even shorter depth than Medical ana Cosmedic needling.

Nano infusion treats the upper layers of the epidermis with microscopic nanoneedles with a needle depth of 0.15-0.25mm.  The diameter is thinner than one strand of human hair and almost invisible to the naked eye. When these tips gently touch the skin with a topical product, thousands of superficial micro-channels per minute are created on the top layer of the skin, causing all nutrition to pass into the dermis.

Within 15 minutes, the micro-channels are closed, which allows up to 97% better product absorption.




Can be done every 3-4 weeks

Meso-Needling Therapy uses the same concept as Nano-Needling but with specially designed cocktails to help target specific concerns.

Meso Serums are created with the most innovative ingredients, such as plant stem cells, peptides, liposomes, algae, herbal extracts, minerals, and vitamins - everything to provide safe, instant, long-lasting beauty effects without irritation. These cosmetic grade serums help improve the appearance of scars, skin, hair follicle improvement, cellulite appearance, Stem cell, brightening, firming, lipo-cellulite, blemishes, aging, and so much more.

It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, decreased pigmentation and sunspots, pore size reduction, diminishes acne and acne scars, skin rejuvenation, and an immediate glow with NO downtime.



To learn more about all of the different serums and stem cells that can be used, click here.

Both procedures have the ability to transform the look and feel of your skin with little to no downtime. It will just come down to a personal decision on which one you feel is right for you.  If you are still confused or would love more information about the procedures, check out our blogs. We try to break things down even more in those!

Microneedling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Does microneedling hurt? 

Microneedling is designed to be less invasive and painful than harsh chemical peels that promise the same results. 

clients actually say it's very relaxing and don't want to leave. We have heated massage beds you lay on during treatment.

If medical needing is occurring numbing cream is provided


I have dark spots, melasma, or hyperpigmented skin on my face. Can microneedling help with that?

Microneedling is an excellent alternative to chemical peels for those with melasma. The treatment skips the invasive chemicals and the long downtime. 

Can microneedling change the look of my scars? 

The effect of microneedling on the appearance of scars depends on the scar itself. Things like the severity and age of a scar as well as things like prolonged sun exposure or retraumatizing the area can all impact how much of a difference you notice with microneedling treatment.  Patients who keloid easily should not get microneedling for their scars.


If you have post-acne scars, surgery scars, or even C-section scars microneedling can drastically help smooth your skin and soften scar tissue while improving discoloration.

It’s important to note that softening doesn’t mean removing and so the treatment will not remove the scar. It can make the visual signs of the scar less evident and that can be a great help.

What’s the downtime requirement like for microneedling treatment?

Unlike vampire facials and chemical peels, the downtime required after a microneedling procedure is shorter than you might think. 


Chemical peels require extended downtime because your skin is actually peeling.


But with microneedling, you’ll have just a single day of redness with most patients reporting that their redness was gone after 8-12 hours. On this day your skin may be sensitive and you’ll avoid using makeup as well. 


You’ll also skip the scabbing you’d have with a chemical peel and you can return to your typical skincare routine the next day.


It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll start to feel the results from your microneedling appointment like an improved skin texture after your first treatment and by your third treatment, you can expect to have noticeably visible results with fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and skin tone.

Is this the same as a Vampire Facial?

No, vampire facials are not the same procedures as microneedling and there will not be blood involved. 


The treatment that’s commonly called a vampire facial can go deeper into the skin and cause the face to bleed. Another variation on the procedure involves going a bit more shallow with the depth of the procedure but extracting blood and putting it back onto the face. 

collagen is produced at a level that is less deep than the area impacted by a vampire facial and so we avoid the potential for causing trauma and scarring by offering microneedling instead.

Do you do PRP with microneedling?

NudeTatu's Microneedling approach uses plant stem cell serum and vitamin C serums to get the same results without the intensity or added cost of platelet-rich plasma. That means we can deliver great results for a fraction of the cost of a typical PRP treatment. 

How often can I schedule my microneedling appointments?

we have different treatments available  

Am I Too Young or Too Old For Microneedling?

It is never too early or too late to start investing in your skin.  Microneedling is an amazing procedure at preventing fine lines and wrinkles while naturally producing collagen in the skin and is also effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles that patients have struggled with for years. However, for us, you must be at least 18 years of age


How much does microneedling cost?

Pricing varies by the section of your body you’re receiving treatment on, and the type of microneedling you are having done. We offer treatment & membership packages and offer reduced rates when you purchase a package or SkinFit Membership 



No pigment is tattooed into your skin;

we will be using a lubricant to help with the needle penetration into the skin


Micro-needling is good for any skin tone.



Stretch marks – Facelift – Tummy tuck – Acne scars – Burns

Breast surgery (enlargement, reduction, uplift, FTM top, reconstructive)

Other surgery, trauma, and accident scars



New tissue grows in the damaged skin.

Loose and sunken scars and stretch marks begin to fill and firm.

White, purple, and red discolored scars normalize.

Raised and bumpy scars smooth and flatten.

Gently break uptight, restricting and fibrous scar tissue

Numb areas of burnt or scarred tissue can begin to have feelings and 

 the look, feel, and function of scarred tissue can be greatly improved

when used for the face, it helps rebuild collagen and help with fine lines, wrinkles, etc



The skin will be cleansed prior to the procedure. A small handheld pen-like device with a sterile, disposable nano-tip composed of tiny pins is then used on the skin to infuse the serum.


Anyone who wants to improve the look, feel, and health. This non-invasive treatment is safe for all skin types, with no downtime. Nano infusion can improve various conditions, making it a wonderful anti-aging treatment. 


nano infusion cannot be performed on individuals with:

  • scleroderma

  • undiagnosed lesions, rash, or skin infections

  • severe cases of rosacea

  • diabetes ( need physician approval)

  • autoimmune disorders

  • undergoing cancer treatment


Yes. PLEASE be careful when using enzymes, retinoids, or any acids that exfoliate, for at least it is best to wait a day. 



Yes. You can apply makeup after. We usually suggest using mineral-based makeup immediately after and waiting 4 hours to apply regular makeup. 



In the first 1-4 days, your skin may feel tighter, firmer, plumper, with a glow. Depending on your treatment protocol, you may experience some dryness and flaking as well. 1-3 weeks following, you may start to notice more specific results like a more even complexion or the fading of skin concerns. Although you may experience nice results after one treatment, this is recommended in a series to achieve lasting results. 

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