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Stem Cell 


Microneedling is enhanced greatly with stem cells. Stem cells treatments supply growth factors is a fantastic option for tightening the skin, healing scars, creating collagen, and promoting cell turnover

Great For

  • Aged Skin

  • Rough Textured Skin

  • Damaged Wrinkled Skin

  • Problematic Skin

  • Thin Skin

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Custom Blend

Want a serum that can target every skin concern you have?


Well, now you can!!

Take microneedling to another level with personalized treatments that adapt to individual needs of different skin types and conditions.

We can create personalized cocktail serums for each client according to the skin type, skin condition and different skin problems such as acne, scars, hyperpigmentations, dark circles etc.

Serums contain a special complex Brightenyl whose main active ingredient, diglucosyl gallic acid, represents a new 

More Anti-Aging Treatments

Benefits of Meso Infusion Anti-Aging Treatments

This collection of Meso serums are composed of natural ingredients that can benefit the skin in many ways. Theyhave been created to boost confidence and promote the appearance of healthy, radiant skin; by carefully selecting ingredients that promote amazing results. What is great about our meso serums is that they can be applied topically as part of your daily skin regimen, or infused through microneedling to enhance the serum and benefits.

Your serum selection will not only help to improve the appearance of your skin concern, but microneedling on its own is also extremely beneficial in improving the overall appearance of the skin.


MesoMama, MesoFirm, and MesoYouth, 24kt Gold Infusion. Let's dissect each of these serums to uncover their natural benefits.


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MesoMama is a serum designed for the appearance of overall revitalization by stimulating the skin.

  • Recommended for mature skin with lack of firmness

  • For women and men of all skin types reduces the appearance of dark spots

  • Improves the appearance of dry, dehydrated skin

  • improves the appearance of rough and textured skin helps naturally soothe irritation




MesoFirm is a luxurious serum with lifting effects designed to help naturally improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness and reduce the appearance of mimic wrinkles.

  • Recommended for mature skin with visible wrinkles

  • For women and men, for skin of all types

  • helps reduce the appearance of sagging skin

  • Reduces the appearance of dark spots

  • Improves the appearance of dry and dehydrated skin- dehydration of skin that often forms wrinkles

  • Improves the appearance of rough and textured skin

  •  helps naturally soothe irritation


NOT FOR ANYONE with Hyperthyroidism (because of marine algae components rich in iodine)Allergy to seafood (because the serum contains algae)

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MesoYouth Designed for combatting common signs of aging by naturally promoting a youthful appearance. This serum reduces the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, dehydration, and tired-looking skin.

  • for women and men, for skin of all types

  • Improves the appearance of dehydrated skin

  • Delicate on sensitive and fragile skin

  • Improves the appearance of dull-colored skin

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24Kt Gold 


24Kt Gold Gold in foil form is rich in minerals and is soft and pliable. It removes the impurities while hydrating the skin.  Gold delays premature aging of the skin and increases skin-tightening. It is loaded with antioxidants that ward away the toxins of the environment and reverses sun damage. This is why clients after treatment always report saying that the skin feels softer, brighter, and supple. The Gold facial boosts elastin production and promotes the regeneration of the skin.


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