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Microneedling Memberships

Microneedling is a non-invasive anti-aging treatment that naturally rejuvenates the skin through regenerative healing. Tiny needles are used to create a controlled micro-injury to the skin, stimulating the body's natural healing response, releasing growth factors, creating new collagen and elastin! It is used to treat:

  • dull skin

  • fine lines and wrinkles

  • large pores

  • uneven skin tone

  • sun damage

  • acne scars

  • scars

  • stretch marks

Microneedling Packages & Memberships

Although I wish most treatments could be a once and done, This is not the case.

Our skin throughout the years has endured many harsh elements, food, chemicals, sun exposure, etc.; on top of all the outside influences on our skin, we also have to deal with aging. The older we get, our skin loses elasticity, collagen and needs more hydration.

To see results, 3 treatments at minimum is typically recommended. Then, to get the skin to complete repair mode, even more sessions are recommended. This is where memberships come into play.

Regularly scheduled treatments keep your skin in top condition and help outsmart the aging process. Microneedling sessions can average around $300-$400 as sessions most places, if not more. Here at NudeTatu, ours average about $150-$175

Looking for ways to save? Memberships allow us to give you the best deals we can. To do this requires a 1-year commitment—no pausing or canceling of memberships during your year contract.

Memberships - Some med spas require you to pay a substantial package fee upfront for discounts on services. Although NudeTatu does offer more extensive package services as an alternative, memberships allow you to pay monthly instead. Therefore, you can spread out your skincare expenses.

If you can't make it to your monthly session(s), you will not be penalized for any session(s) not completed in your Month. Unused sessions will roll over Month to Month. If you have unused sessions at the end of your year contract, you CAN still use those sessions at any time. unused sessions will expire 3 months after membership ends.

Gifting Facial: If you know you will not use your facial in a particular month, you can gift it to someone once per calendar year.

Our membership programs work for you in a couple of ways, depending on how long you want to do it. The longer your membership is, the more you save!

3 Month
6 Month
12 Month
All memberships include:
  • 15-20 min LED therapy & hydration mask

  • Take-Home samples for Aftercare

  • use of Jade eye mask, heated body massagers, eye massager We will also have monthly specials for add on/extra services and monthly specials on upgrades

The Difference Between packages 

Let's Start with the BASIC membership, which is
6 months - $100/Month.

Choose one of the following a month
  • Nano Infusion full face (can be done Daily)

  • Cosmetic needling (can be done every 2 weeks)

  • Medical needling of the face (can be done every 4 weeks)

  • $75 to ADD a 2nd treatment in the same Month ( this fee will be charged only in the months you have an additional session)


Then the NEXT level membership, which is the

6 Month Upgraded- $125

This package includes the same as the basic 6 months but also includes upgraded serums such as
  • BB Shine/Glow

  • Anti - Aging upgraded serums

  • Acne Treatments


Then the next MEMBERSHIP is the

12 Month - $100/Month

Now This membership is also only $100 But with all the Benefits

  • Nano Infusion full face (can be done Daily)

  • Cosmetic needling (can be done every 2 weeks)

  • Medical needling of the face (can be done every 4 weeks)

  • BB Shine/Glow

  • Anti - Aging upgraded serums

  • Acne Treatments

  • 2nd session in same Month only $75




  • $75 for 2nd treatment a month like the other memberships, but only ....

  • $50 for 3rd/4th treatment a month, so you can spoil your skin as much as you want!!

  • WANT TO UPGRADE YOUR SERUMS EVEN MORE?! For $115/Month, now get all your treatments tailored to you and your skin concerns with CUSTOM MADE COCKTAILS designed especially for your skin. Custom blend serums are made right before your appointment and will change with you as your skin concerns change.



I don't want to commit to a 6 month or year. If or Have concerns you wish to target quicker with more sessions automatically, then our 3-month package might fit you.

3 MONTH TREATMENT is $225/ month Treatment Plan
  • FIRST MONTH- 1 Medical -needling & 1 Meso-Infusion Therapy

  • 2ND MONTH - 1 Medical Needling

  • 3RD MONTH- 1 medical-needling & 1 Meso-Infusion Therapy

Take home samples for Aftercare

you save over $125 on this package


sometimes all we need is a little pampering

You get to pick 3 sessions/treatments a month

  • Nano Infusion Full Face, Neck, Chest, Hands, 30min LED&Mask

  • Micro-Needle Face, Chest, Neck, Hands, 30min LED Therapy

  • BB Shine & BB Lip, LED Light Therapy & Hydrating Mask

*Want to upgrade this package*



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