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The Answers You Need

What is SMP?

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) was developed as both a cosmetic procedure for men and women suffering with all types of hair loss, and as a medical procedure to help conceal scars, burns, birthmarks, as well as the full spectrum of alopecia. During the SMP procedure, a blend of unique pigments specifically formulated for the client are deposited into the dermal layer of the skin on the scalp. These deposits create an extremely realistic illusion that replicates hair follicles. SMP is a viable alternative to traditional hair transplant surgery, hair systems, pills, and fibers.. Around the world, thousands of clients live their lives free from hair loss without lengthly maintenance routines, unwelcome side effects or signifiant ongoing financial outlay.

is Scalp MicroPigmentation is a permanent?

Yes, Scalp MicroPigmentation is a permanent medical-grade tattoo similar to permanent makeup or a traditional tattoo. 

Fading: Just like traditional tattoos, the pigment will fade over time. To avoid premature fading, we recommend that you use sunscreen and avoid prolonged periods of exposure to the sun.

is it a tattoo?

Scalp MicroPigmentation is a medically refined tattoo.  In other words, it’s a medical-grade tattoo.

What is the difference between a tattoo and SMP?

To understand the difference between a tattoo and SMP, you need to understand how a traditional tattoo is applied to the skin and the skin layers that are affected by the pigment.
Human skin has three layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. The dermis is the outer layer. It’s the layer you wash in the shower and the one that produces flakes from dry skin. The epidermis is the second layer of skin and it can be up to up to 4 millimeters thick. It’s this layer that will absorb the pigment during a tattoo or SMP procedure.
During a regular tattoo session, the tattoo machine is set to penetrate the epidermis all the way into the dermis to a depth of up to 3 ½ millimeters. The needles used in a tattoo are very thick and carry a lot of pigment into the skin.
During SMP, the dermis is penetrated to a depth of ¼ millimeter to ½ millimeter. The needles we use are extremely fine medical-grade needles designed to leave a very small dot of pigment in the skin. Thousands of these small dots on the scalp give the appearance of a full head of shaved hair on a bald patient.

how much does smp cost?

Prices range from $1000-$5,000 per procedure, with the average cost around $3000
We always offer discounts to Military/Veterans, Police & fire dept. Please do not let the price intimidate you. Set up a consultation to see for yourself what this is all about and ask any questions you might. payment plans or specials may also be available depending on procedure

Does scalp micropigmentation look real?

A Scalp Micro-Pigmentation can look incredibly real when done correctly. Most client's tell us that their family and co-workers say that they look younger or ask if they got a new haircut but won't be able to pinpoint the exact change.

How long will SMP last for?

With proper care and treatment, including using high sunscreen when outside, SMP will commonly last for many years. For a healthy client with a normal immune system, we expect that the color will last with original vibrance for about 4-6 years, with gradual fading of the pigment to last up to 8 years.
Fortunately, if a touch up is needed, a fee is charged which is generally cheaper per session than the original treatment fee. It's important to note that each individual is different so an estimated range of longevity will be provided at our consultation meeting.

Is receiving SMP treatment painful?

As for pain, it depends on the individual. In some cases, clients have fallen asleep while having the procedure done. In other cases, clients experience pain across the temples or above the ears during the treatment. Most clients rate their pain on a scale of 1-10, as 3-5 during treatment.

How long will it take for my final SMP appearance to form?

Depending on hair loss, a normal client will take two to four treatments to achieve their final appearance. Most treatments are 2-3 hours long, with small breaks as needed. The first treatment often places a very light application on the scalp to assess fading and density levels. Many clients' normal reaction is to assume that the SMP is too light. However, this is a normal part of the treatment and allows me to treat the scalp in later sessions better. The second treatment is 10-14 days later and adds the majority of the density to your new look. Treatments three or later are usually for completing the look, addressing darkness matching, or to even the density across the scalp.

What will my scalp look like immediately after treatment?

The scalp area that has been treated will have some redness for 24 hours after treatment, though this tends to be less visible on darker skin tones. Also, the pigmentation will be darker for up to 7 days after treatment, again, depending on your skin tone. Thereafter, the pigmentation will appear to become lighter and softer as the pigment-filled scabs begin to flake away. These scabs flake away in the first 3 to 10 days. As this happens, the observer feels that the SMP dots are shrinking. When the healing process is complete, the final dots are often 90 to 170 Um in diameter and blend seamlessly into any natural hair. After any treatment, the pigments will begin to "set by about one month," and thereafter, fading will be almost zero.

what if I want a hair transplant later on or already have one

Believe it or not, the stubble from white hair (and most colors of hair) is GRAY when you shave close to the skin. Just look at blond men with a close shave and you will see the gray shade where the hair exits the scalp. We try to match the shade of pigment based on your skin and hair color. If you have dark hair now and it turns gray later on in life, the underlying shade will blend despite the hair color change, because SMP covers the entire scalp (not just the bald areas).

is it safe?

Our SMP procedure is completely safe. We use pre-packaged one-time-use sterile needles. We follow strict guidelines to keep the shop and instruments sterilized and cleaned

what if I want a hair transplant later on or already have one?

You can always have a hair transplant in combination with the SMP process, but not on the same day.

Can I ease into the decision of having this done?

Yes. We can do a test area in scars or inconspicuous areas to get comfortable with the way it looks, and we have done test areas where the balding scalp meets the side hair. This approach has been very helpful to the person who is on the fence’ in deciding whether SMP is right for them.

is SMP going to look like just a big blob over time, like some tattoos

Traditional tattoos may discolor, but this is highly dependent on the type of ink used, the depth the pigment was placed into the scalp, and the amount of sun exposure you get. The key to minimizing this effect is to use specialty pigment as we do. SMP dots will lose definition over time, but unlike regular tattoos, the ‘blob’ look is greatly minimized due to the special technique and the instruments used.

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