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Have you got a tattoo that you regret?

Maybe you finally want to get rid of that "Tramp Stamp" on your lower back that you thought was a good idea when you were 18. Or Perhaps it's a name of a past lover you would rather forget, or maybe you have a job interview, a wedding, or a tattoo gone wrong. 

Typically in the past, the only way to get rid of that unwanted tattoo is the traditional removal methods that utilize saline, acids, lasers, or other harmful chemicals. 

Now there's Skin Camouflage which is a non-laser alternative to the traditional painful removal methods. It sounds like a no-brainer; if you don't like your tattoo, go back to the tattoo shop and have the artist cover it up with flesh-toned ink. Wham, bam, boom…tattoo is gone. Although that's one way to look at this, the process is a bit different... but in the end, it is a tattoo to make your old tattoo virtually disappear without any harsh lasers or acids.

tattoo removal skin camouflage nudetatu redlands ca


I absolutely love Kris and Chris at Nude Tatu! I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon their magical business. For years I have been trying to remove an unwanted tattoo by using laser technology, but unfortunately it has left me scared. Not to mention the pain is very unpleasant. I didn't even know that scar camouflage was an option until I found Nude Tatu. I have had 3 sessions so far and I'm starting to really see the difference! I can't wait to see the finished look. Furthermore, the spiritual healing I experience each time I visit their unique establishment is truly phenomenal. 10/10 highly recommend

tattoo removal before and after nudetatu redlands ca
non laser tattoo removal before and afte


Prices are based on treatment procedure time. Our work is customized to each client’s needs based on skin size, location, and the colors we match. Each client starts on a minimum of 3-4 monthly treatments. 

We require photos to estimate how many hours of treatment you will require.  Please upload photos of each area. 

What makes Skin Camouflage a great option for tattoo removal?


Laser tattoo removal is the most popular method today, but it has many downsides. One of the most significant downsides to laser tattoo removal is the number of sessions required to see results.  Some clients may pay and go through 20+ sessions, only to end up with a tattoo that is faded but not completely removed and even worse scarred!  Our NUDETATU non-laser tattoo removal can remove your unwanted ink in fewer treatments than laser tattoo removal.


The price for one laser session can vary between a couple of hundred dollars, $500, or even $1000. In some cases, the price per session can go even over several thousand dollars. The price usually depends on the tattoo; how old it is, whether it is colored, and where it is placed on the body. The larger and more complex the tattoo and the placement, the higher the cost of the laser procedure per session.

For an average laser tattoo removal of 15+ sessions, you can expect to pay between $7000 and $15,000. Some studios do offer bundle payment options (you can get a discount for 5 sessions per bundle), or you can pay monthly, or over time.

  • When you do a laser tattoo removal, the ink broken down by the laser is not removed from the surface of your skin, but rather absorbed into your body. Your lymphatic system will remove the ink from your body, and you will excrete it when you urinate.  Unfortunately, no studies have been done on how long the ink absorption process takes, or what impacts the remaining ink in your body can have.

  • Blistering- As the laser heat picks up ink particles from the skin, it causes blood vessels to break around the tattoo. As a result, blisters containing water and ink may appear. The blisters usually take around 3 to 14 days to heal up completely as long as you don’t burst them.

  • Infection. You are very much susceptible to bacterial infections if you burst your blister or pick at scabs after the laser tattoo removal treatment. OUCH!


The BEST part about a NUDETATU is that it's as safe as a traditional tattoo.

NO Blistering, NO Scarring



Lasers are brought to a high temperature, essential to break up the ink, which can make these treatments for tattoo removal very painful.

Traditional tattoos are typically done without any numbing agents, which means many people find them to be little to no pain. Some people enjoy getting tattoos and find it relaxing! Here at NUDETATU we want to make you as comfortable as possible and will numb you prior to beginning your Skin Camouflage session. So think of it as people don't normally numb for tattoos and I get to be numbed for this, Score!


Traditional tattoo removal methods can be difficult, and, Furthermore, it generally hurts like hell and carries a number of other potential side effects, including scarring.

  • Hypersensitive skin is more prone to skin damage during laser removal, which in turn increases the chances of potential scarring.

  • The placement of the tattoo also plays an important role; if the tattoo is placed in a highly sensitive area, where the skin is thin and has a lot of nerve endings, chances are scarring will occur during laser sessions


Most Asked Questions

Can Skin Camouflage cover an unwanted tattoo?

Yes! NUDETATU "nude tattoos" is a safe and effective non-laser alternative to painful laser treat treatments

This procedure is performed in a series of sessions. Usually, a minimum of 3-4 sessions are needed. We request photos of the tattoo before scheduling your appointments to estimate the scope of treatment.

Is Skin Camouflage Safe Procedure

Skin camouflage is a very safe procedure to cover unwanted tattoos. NUDETATU has been using this method  to treat other skin discolorations & scars for over 7 years with amazing results on all clients. There are no know side effects, and it is safe for all skin types.

What happens during the tattoo camouflage procedure?

Just like traditional tattoos a machine will be used on the dermal layers of the skin depositing a custom-blended pigment into the skin to cover the old tattoo ink.

The procedure is performed in a series of sessions (3-session minimum). Your appointments are scheduled 3-4 weeks apart to allow time for the pigment to settle into the skin. Each time you come in, the color will be re-evaluated and the procedure fine-tuned.

Does the tattoo camouflage procedure hurt?

Everyone’s level of sensitivity is different and varies greatly depending on the area of the body. Some clients feel nothing but light vibration, while others experience modest discomfort. A topical numbing cream is always applied in advance. Most clients feel little to no pain, and a few of our clients fall asleep during treatment =)

Will my skin look normal the next day? 

Your skin may have a little swelling right after the procedure but this varies from person to person. In most clients, next-day swelling is little to none and will be completely over in a few days but you may have some redness for a few days.


Who Should Not Get a Laser Tattoo Removal?

As we said, people with new, large, and colorful tattoos should avoid laser removal procedures. But, some other groups of people should also avoid laser tattoo removal for health reasons. So, you should not get a laser tattoo removal if you have;

But, even though laser tattoo removal might not be for you, there are still other options to remove the tattoo without aggravating our disorder or condition. You can go for chemical removal, surgical excision, or dermabrasion, so long it doesn’t aggravate or flare-up your condition. or try our Skin Camouflage Tattoo Removal here at NUDETATU

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