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BEST oils you can use on your skin- Face & Body

Give your skin an extra boost of Vitamins and Nutrients with all-natural oils

No need to always buy the most expensive face cream or moisturizer out there. There are everyday oils that are great for your skin and have the natural ability to hydrate and nourish a variety of skin types. Best of all, they are packed with good-for-you ingredients for healthier younger-looking skin; such as polyphenols, fatty acids, and antioxidants, to help reduce inflammation and give skin a dewy glow.


Great for dry skin types that require a heavy moisturizer BENEFITS of Coconut Oil

  • Moisturizer. Since Coconut Oil is loaded with vitamin E, and full of fatty acids, it Acts as a sort of barrier on the skin, keeping moisture locked

  • Anti-Aging. coconut oil improves antioxidant levels and can slow aging. Coconut oil works by reducing stress on the liver and lowering oxidative stress Healthy skin & Hair. Its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties help protect the skin and hair from the harsh elements

  • Dandruff. coconut oil has the perfect fatty acids to help improve these condition

  • Can Improve Skin Issues (Burns, Eczema, Dandruff, Dermatitis, and Psoriasis)

  • Health Benefits for the Body. Helps Treat Alzheimer’s Disease, Aids in Prevention of Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure, Treats UTI and Kidney Infection and Protects the Liver, Reduces Inflammation and Arthritis, Cancer Prevention and Treatment, Immune System Boost (Antibacterial, Antifungal, and Antiviral), Supports Memory and Brain Function, Improves Energy and Endurance, Aids Digestion and Reduces Stomach Ulcers and Ulcerative Colitis, May Help Reduce Symptoms of Gallbladder Disease and Pancreatitis, Helps Prevent Gum Disease and Tooth Decay. Swishing orally greatly reduces your risk of periodontal disease. Support Bone Health. Coconut oil increases calcium absorption Bonus: It smells delicious and you can use it for cooking!

How to Use Coconut Oil for Skin & Body

  • Be creative! there are so many ways you can incorporate Coconut oil into your daily routine. The best part is you can use it as a solid or liquid

  • Part of the magic of coconut oil is its natural ability to moisturize your skin. Just slather on your coconut oil after a shower, after doing the dishes, or any other time your skin is feeling dry and tight. Use it regularly to get rid of cracked heels and soften calluses.

  • Use it in the shower as a moisturizing shaving cream and/Or hair conditioner, or leave-in conditioner

  • Make a scrub for a spa-worthy treatment from the comfort of home. Mix equal parts coconut oil with coarse salt or sugar for a delicious-smelling and inexpensive scrub. The scrub will exfoliate, and after a rinse, the coconut oil remains to provide all-day moisturizing power.

  • Those waterproof mascaras are great when you don’t want them to run, but getting them off your face can be a challenge. Skip the disposable makeup removal pads and wipes. Coconut oil quickly rubs off the toughest makeup, helping you avoid harsh chemicals and cut down on waste.