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Camouflage Tattoos: A Solution for Post-Surgery Scars

In cases where pain or weakness hindersdaily activities, healthcare providers may recommend shoulder surgery. Although some surgeries may result in scar tissue that fades over time, others may not. If you find that the scar from your shoulder surgery is causing self-consciousness, a camouflage tattoo could be the perfect solution. While some individuals embrace their scars, others prefer to conceal them. At NUDETATU, we provide tattoo cover-ups for post-surgery scars, stretch marks, and even self-harm scars. Learn more about our camouflage tattoo services by reading further

What is a scar camouflage tattoo?

Exploring Camouflage Tattoos for Scar Coverage

A camouflage tattoo is a unique type of tattoo that uses color pigments that match your skin tone. The color is carefully applied to the upper layer of the scar so that it blends seamlessly with the surrounding skin. The purpose of a camouflage tattoo is to conceal or disguise the scar, although it does not heal or remove it. It is considered a medical or cosmetic procedure and can be used to cover up stretch marks, scars from breast cancer surgery, and other types of skin discoloration

Does a camouflage tattoo look natural?

If you want to reduce the appearance of scars, a camouflage tattoo may be the solution. The process is minimally invasive and designed to achieve a natural-looking outcome. By using micropigmentation and flesh-toned ink, the scar becomes less noticeable.

Choosing the right colors is key to ensure that the camouflage blends well with your skin. The goal of scar camouflage is to enhance the scar's appearance, and by blending it into your skin, it should look natural.

A skilled tattoo artist will be able to create a natural-looking camouflage tattoo. At NUDETATU, our experienced professionals will ensure that your tattoo is done right

How long after surgery can you get a tattoo?

If you intend to get a tattoo to cover your surgery scar, you must ensure it’s fully healed. Surgery scars may take six months to up to two years to fully heal, depending on the depth. However, you may start with Inkless Scar Camouflage as soon as the stitches dissolve then move into the Ink portion.

What to expect during a camouflage tattoo procedure

In a camouflage tattoo procedure, you can expect initial consultation. The procedure will be explained to you, the aftercare and touch-up appointments in the future. A camouflage tattoo procedure is a life-changing commitment and you should commit to professional tattoo specialists that will help you achieve what you aim for.

Pain Level

Our clients here at NUDETATU feel very little to no pain. We use some of the most potent numbing creams out there. Most clients look forward to their visits, and some fall asleep during their sessions.

The Immediate Afterlook

Right after the procedure, you can expect little to no downtime. You can resume your daily tasks or return to work right after the procedure. Easy breezy!

However, you can expect minimal redness and swelling 1-3 days after the procedure, which is normal. The complete healing time varies from person to person.

Multiple sessions are typically required

The Aftercare

During the first three days, swelling and inflammation is expected. For aftercare, your tattoo artist will educate you on how to minimize inflammation, how to keep the area clean, and proper ice application.

After several weeks, the redness will start to fade, which means skin healing begins. Tattoo care also includes using an antibiotic ointment, gentle washing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a tattoo after shoulder surgery?

Yes, you can get a tattoo after the scarred skin on your shoulder surgery

Can you get skin colored tattoos to cover scars?

Yes, you can get skin colored tattoos over lesions, especially after a surgery. A scarred skin, may it be in the shoulders or in other parts of the body, you can get a camouflage tattoo over it.

Can you tattoo over self harm scars?

Yes, you can tattoo over self-inflicted lesions. Make sure to have it checked by a tattoo specialist if a camouflage tattoo is possible.

How much does camouflage tattoos cost?

The cost of camouflage tattoos for scars at NUDETATU ranges between $500-$2,000 per area. NUDETATU also accepts payment plans with fast approval.

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