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Faux is the way to go when it comes to freckles!


Faux-freckle tattoos are the latest trend in the semi-permanent makeup world

If you’re hoping to wake up every day with youthful, dainty-looking skin, freckle tattoos might be just the thing for you.

Permanent makeup Faux freckle tattoos redlands ca nudetatu

What are Faux Freckles?

Freckle tattoos work just like any other tattoo, whereby pigment is deposited below the skin.

The freckle pattern is created by a rotary motor (machine) or a single needle (hand-poked) with iron-based tattoo pigment to give you the look of natural freckles!

How long do faux freckle tattoos last?

They can last anywhere from 6months-10 years with most people needing touch ups around the 12th month mark. Immediately after the procedure the freckles appear darker and raised with some local redness.

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