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Lip Blush Tattoo - Everything you need and want to know!

Want a natural no-makeup look, but even better? Lip Blush is the new trend in Permanent Makeup Lip Tattoos. Lip Blushing helps cut down makeup time and gives you evenly pigmented lips. It looks like your standard lip color but better. You can have the best version of your lips with gentle soft lip contour without harsh lip lines with lip blush. This technique helps to enhance what you already have and provides a natural outcome. As we age, we tend to lose pigment in our lips, so lip tattoos give a healthy, girly, young, and plumped look. Since this treatment looks natural once healed, it is not only reserved for women. Men can benefit from lip blushing as well.

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Cosmetic Tattoos, including Lips Tattoos, have come a long way over the past few years. The cosmetic tattooing industry is going towards more natural and realistic outcomes, which means we no longer have harsh lines and bold colors (unless that's what you want)! Instead, we can now get permanent and semi-permanent makeup that looks beautiful and natural.

Cosmetic tattoo artists enhance your natural beauty; they can also help to camouflage and color correct any skin discoloration and pigmentation issues you may have

What is Lip Blushing

Lip blushing, also known as a lip blush tattoo, gives your lips a nice subtle pop of color that enhances and even corrects your lips. For the most part, it's a very natural-looking cosmetic tattoo; however, you can choose to do a little bolder color but still keep it natural-looking.

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Why Should you get a Lip Blush tattoo?

Many people choose lip blushing for aesthetic reasons. For example, they want to have their lips enhanced! for others; Lip Blushing becomes a procedure that can help correct things that may make them feel self-conscious, such as a scar, hyperpigmentation, or unevenness.

Some of those issues might be that they feel their lips are too cool or dark, or you might have lips that have areas that lack pigmentation.

After the lip blush procedure is fully healed you don't need any lip liners or lipsticks, you can use transparent lip gloss if you like shiny lips look.

How Long Lip Blush Last
  • Everyone's skin is different, so the staying time will vary from client to client. Color retention depends on clients' health, lifestyle, and proper aftercare. The darker the color, the longer it will be visible. Lip blush can be refreshed annually. on average, about 2 years

  • Even though lip blush tattoos can last a few years, the color can start to fade. Sun exposure, smoking, and using exfoliating products on your lips can cause fading to happen faster. To keep the color and lines fresh, Kondratyev suggests yearly refresh appointments to add to the overall look and longevity.

Do lip tattoos hurt

As with most tattoo procedures, there is some pain involved during a lip blush tattoo, mainly because the lips are a sensitive area on the body.

That’s why most technicians use numbing cream to make the pain more tolerable.