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Day by Day Pictures following a Lip Blushing Procedure

What happens in the days following your lip blushing procedure?

The healing process of lip blushing is similar to that of a tattoo. You’ll see Peeling, Scabbing, swelling, and redness, which you can help treat with ice or cold compresses.

You might be wondering what the heck did you get yourself into, lol! Your lips are not the color you wanted. They are 10 shades brighter, darker.. they are just completely not the color you desired and thought you were getting!!!!

We went in thinking we were making our lips "pretty," and now you might be in panic mode!!! Hopefully, your technician explained the process, and now you just want peace of mind that this is a normal process!!

Your Lips will go through stages. It won't be Pretty. Unfortunately, to get our lips to our desired look, they will go through a VERY not-so-pretty week or two after a lip blushing procedure. But, in the end, it will be worth it.

Traditional tattoos also go through a very similar stage of not so pretty and peeling. The difference is that a conventional tattoo is usually a lovely picture you get to look at so you don't notice the ugly stage as much, and second your not having to stare at it every day on your lips!!

This Blog was made to be short and just show some pictures of the process. Posting some pictures below to help ease your fears. This is normal and there is an end result with a much more natural-looking lip! You will be so happy you did it!

However, if you want to learn and read more useful information about what happens following your Lip Blush tattoo procedure. Check out our other blogs on lip blushing

lip blush aftercare day by day pictures nudetatu redlands ca


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