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Pre-Care Instructions for Skin Camouflage - scars, stretch marks, & skin discolorations

We want to get you as prepared as possible before your session, so let's get you ready for that appointment!

Sessions are booked for 3hr time blocks or less depending on the treatment. Additional sessions & or Days will/may be needed for multiple areas requiring more time at no additional charge. If a specific day allows us to provide a more extended session, we will. Still, it is not guaranteed. 3 hrs seems to be a reasonable amount of time for our clients, and you don't typically want to go longer than this per session as numbing cream wears off and pain receptors are heightened.


1. Give yourself a good scrub

Exfoliate the area(s) we are going to be working on 3- 5 days before your session to help prep the skin. Exfoliation will help remove any dead skin cells which allow our inks and serums to do an even better job!

  • If your session is within 24-48hrs give yourself a very light scrub

  • Sugar & salt scrubs work best... However, if you don't have this available you can check out these other alternatives here: Ways to Exfoliate Without a Scrub

2. Shave/wax areas, no laser treatments

  • Shave- We do not want any hair in the area we will be working on, so if it's a hairy area please shave prior to coming in ;) Hair can harbor bacteria, so to make sure that the tiny hairs will not get in the way of the ink, shaving/waxing is mandatory. If you have sensitive skin or shaving irritates your skin, you can shave a few days before your tattoo to let your skin calm down. Waxing should be done with enough time to let your skin heal and not be raw from a fresh wax.

  • No laser treatments-No laser treatments at least 4-6 weeks before working on the treated area

3. No tanning/spray tanning a week or 2 before your session

  • For INK SESSIONS Please make sure your skin is not tanned so that we can match your correct skin tone.

  • Typically your FIRST SESSION is an INKLESS prep session so if you are tanned or have a spray tan don't worry about it. You are good to go!~

  • If you choose to tan please make sure the area we are working on is TAN FREE

4. No extreme workout 48hrs before your session

  • Weight lifting and strenuous exercise should be avoided at least 2 days before your session. Putting strain on your muscles can cause swelling and soreness, which may heighten the sensation of the tattoo and increase healing time.

5. Avoid alcohol 24-48 hours before your procedure

  • “What about caffeine? I must have coffee!” I hear you! But caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, heart, muscles, and the centers that control blood pressure. How that hinders your treatment is that it raises your blood pressure, making your nerve endings more sensitive and preventing you from numbing.

  • Alcohol can thin your blood because it prevents blood cells from sticking together and forming clots. Since alcohol acts like a blood thinner, avoiding them will minimize any oozing or swelling after the procedure. Also, any excess fluids will reduce the amount of pigment absorption, which we don’t want to happen. Instead, we want to help the pigment stay deep inside during your healing process. Besides, the more you bleed, the more pain you would feel.

  • Side note If you love caffeine as much as I do, you may drink after your appointment. And here is more good news: Our Studio also provides complimentary refreshments, including coffee, so feel free to enjoy your cup of coffee before stepping out!

6. Wear loose clothes on the appointment

  • the areas treated will be slightly tender. We have robes, nightgowns, maternity gowns, shorts, tops, and pasties for the breasts if needed. The clothing will be provided and hanging in the restroom for you you choose and pick according. If wearing your own clothes, please make sure we can reach all areas needed to be treated. FOR EXAMPLE - If we are working on a scar on your upper arm please wear a tank top, not a t-shirt covering your upper arm. If we are working on butt stretch marks, please wear a thong as we can not access the area with a bikini/brief underwear.

  • We will provide sheets and blankets so you can stay covered up as much as possible.

7. Please eat a healthy, well-balanced meal before

  • When the body is nourished, it can cope with trauma more easily

8. Drink lots of water

  • Hydrating your skin helps you to keep the muscles calm and relaxed. Before your appointment, drink lots of water at least for 24 hours so that you can sit with ease during the session and avoid dehydration in between.

  • Hydrated skin also gives beautiful results as the tattoo process gets easier on the skin

9. Just a reminder: Pain receptors are heightened if you're menstruating

  • please plan accordingly for procedure dates to avoid added discomfort.

  • Your first session is most likely an inkless prep session. Don't worry about this session if it's that time of the month - you will be fine! Just plan accordingly for your sessions in the future

10. Avoid taking any medically unnecessary

  • Ibuprofen, Naproxen, vitamin E, fish oil, or aspirin in the days before you come, most importantly the 48 hours before your appointment.

  • side note Did you know that ingredients such as fish oil or cinnamon are natural blood thinners? Surprising, isn’t it? Click here to read more about hidden blood thinners.

11. Antibiotics

  • If you are under the care of a physician and taking prescribed medications: Check with your doctor regarding interactions and any medications you may choose to use in preparation for or for use during your procedures

  • Do NOT discontinue medication prescribed by your physician without consulting them first.

If you have (or had) any of the following contraindicative conditions below, don't hesitate to contact us before you scheduling

Pregnant or nursing

Upcoming vacations


Viral infections and/or disease


Pacemaker or heart conditions

Had an Organ transplant

Tendency towards keloids

Seborrheic dermatitis

Skin irritations or psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.)

Used Accutane in the past year

Taken Doxycycline in the past 6 months

Allergies to anesthetic (lidocaine) or epinephrine

Extremely problematic skin

Within 6 months of chemotherapy

Auto-immune diseases


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