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Scar/Stretch Mark Camouflage; Before, During, and Aftercare

SKIN CAMOUFLAGE for Scars, Stretch Marks, Vitiligo & Other Skin Discolorations

If you Schedule a Camouflage session you will also receive more information for Before & Aftercare separately to make it a little easier to navigate. This is just a breakdown of all the information so you can take a once-over.

PRE-CARE Before your Appointment

  • Exfoliate 3 days to a week before to get rid of any dead skin cells on your body Shave/wax areas, no laser treatments at least 4-6 weeks before working on the treated area

  • No tanning a week or 2 prior. Please make sure your skin is not tanned so that we can Match your correct skin tone.

  • Try and have no alcohol a couple of days before & NO blood thinners 3 days before your appointment

  • Wear loose clothes the day of the appointment; the areas treated will be slightly tender.

  • Please eat a healthy, well-balanced meal before we meet and drink lots of water.

  • No lotion, oils, or sweat on the skin.

  • No Antibiotics= Being on antibiotics 20 days before treatment and 40 days after the treatment can slow down the healing process

  • No Intense Working out= Weight lifting and strenuous exercise should be avoided at least 2-3 days before your session. Putting strain on your muscles can cause swelling and soreness, which may heighten the sensation of the tattoo and increase healing time. It can also cause your skin to stretch slightly, resulting in your tattoo being distorted when your skin returns to normal. ***Just a reminder: Pain receptors are heightened if you're menstruating, so please plan accordingly for procedure dates to avoid added discomfort. This goes the same if you have had a Covid Shot or Booster in the past 30 days***

For a more detailed pre-care. How to get ready for your skin camouflage appointment Click Here

DURING Your Skin Camouflage Appointment

  • We will use a numbing cream, so you should feel little to no pain,

  • We will make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible during your treatments. Some people actually fall asleep during their sessions!

  • The Color: We will evaluate your skin color at the beginning of each session and custom blend a color to match your skin tone. Or, if it's a dark scar, we will start the lightning process before going into the color matching.

  • During each appointment, Using an electric machine with a fine precision needle, a layer of pigment is added to the skin. This will be done until completely camouflaged and the skin tone matches.

  • You will be given aftercare & instructions on how to properly care for your "Nude Tattoo"

POST-CARE Aftercare Instructions for a Quicker Healing Time

It's a good idea to get familiar with how to take care of your medical tattoo (micropigmentation) after your procedure! Take a look at the aftercare so you can prepare yourself for what's to come after your session.

Basic Information

  • Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your procedure area(s) to avoid infection.

  • Do not shower for 24 hours if possible. if showering in the first 24 hrs keep the area treated as dry as possible

  • First 3 days, cold compress the areas at least 3x daily for 10 minutes or as needed to reduce swelling. NO ICE just use a cold compress or ice-cold water.

  • If the treatment area is left uncovered, apply a thin layer of Aquafor (or something similar) 2-3 times daily with a gloved or cleaned hand or clean Q-tip for the first 3 days. We will supply you with aftercare to use in the first few days.

  • If uncovered, gentle soap can be used if needed. Pat dry only.

Things to Avoid After your Session

  • Do not submerge the treatment area in water for at least 7 days. This includes baths, pools, hot tubs, etc

  • Avoid heavy exercise for 3 days as excessive sweating can pull the pigment out. Keep a towel handy to pat dry the area while healing in the fir