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Want to know what's going to happen on the day of your skin Camouflage procedure?

We know today is an important day for you. For many of you, this is the beginning of healing. Not only are we gonna help that scar or skin discoloration disappear, but we will also start healing the emotional side of what that scar has left you with. We receive multiple texts a day and know you are not alone in how you feel.

  • Many of you have had some sort of cosmetic procedure that left you with scarring that you were not expecting from Beast Augmentations, Tummy Tucks, Arm or Leg Lifts, Full Body Lifts, neck or Forehead Lifts, etc. Many of you even ended up with burns from these procedures, and a few ended up with flesh-eating scars.

  • Or those that had Liposuction and ended up with just a few dark spots and those that wish they hadn't because they now have 20+ small dark spots all over their body from their procedure

  • We see many of you with skin conditions such as Vitiligo covering part or almost all of your body. some of those clients included vitiligo including their whole face

  • we have 3rd-degree victims where the burn covers full legs and arms.. to clients that suffer from skin conditions such as EDS where the smallest bump or cut can tear their skin open requiring stitches.

  • Then there are the clients that are lucky enough to still be alive, and had their turn at fighting cancer and kicking cancers butt!! Some of these clients were left with scars from throat or breast cancer

We just want you to know you are not alone no matter how you got your scars. Our studio is a safe place. You can cry. You can laugh. You can talk or just lay back and relax and not say a word. Some come and relax. Some fall asleep.... and others like to call it their "therapy sessions". No matter how you choose to spend your time with us, our clients typically look forward to their sessions~


We are located in Downtown Redlands in Umbrella Alley (Orange Street Alley)

If you have never been to this area before you'll have fun checking us out. Tons of Restaurants, Shops, and Bars are within walking distance from our studio.

Please text us when you get here on the day of your appointment & we will come down and meet you.

Look for a huge brick building called COPE or "Umbrella Alley"

You will see our NUDETATU sign above Copehouse Bistro Restaurant in this alley!

There's a small parking structure across the street from us. The top typically has parking. There is also street parking and a CVS on the corner for overflow parking.

Once you are in the Studio

Hopefully, the atmosphere and dim lighting of our place has put you at ease a bit at this point. We will show you the restroom in case you need it or would like to change into something a bit more comfortable (we offer several clothing options in the restroom you are welcome to use any of them)

Once ready we will take you into the room you will be in and start numbing the areas we will be working on (so you should feel little to no pain), You may also ask any questions you may have.... but honestly, we will walk you through the whole process without you having to ask

During each appointment, Using an electric machine with a fine precision needle, a layer of pigment or serums is added to the skin. This will be done until they are completely camouflaged and the skin tone matches as best as we can

The Color: We will evaluate your skin color at the beginning of each session and custom blend a color to match your skin tone. Or, if it's a dark scar, we will start the lightning process before going into the color matching.

You will be given aftercare bag & instructions (which you will find on here) on how to properly care for your new "Nude Tattoo"

We will also schedule your next session while in the office. Unless you're not sure of your schedule then you can send us a text when you know and we will get you set up


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