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What to wear to for your Skin Camouflage Session


What to wear to & home from your appointment

What to wear during your session


HIPS, BUTT, THIGHS; Pretty much anything in that area.



BREAST, AREOLAS, SIDE BOOB- basically anything in your bra line area or upper chest.

STOMACH One thing you shouldn't have to worry about is how to arrive at your appointment the day of — especially when it comes to what to wear

We do Provide Robes, Nightgowns, Maternity Gowns, Shorts, Tops, Pasties

Now I know some of this information may seem obvious. Some.. not so obvious and hopefully you will be happy with the tips!
We've been doing this for a while, and when we think we've seen it all Someone comes in and will give us a new tip to add to the list, So here we go!

What to wear to & home from your appointment


First, there's one word to sum up the type of clothing you should wear to any skin camouflage appointment: loose! We don't want to irritate the skin, so you don't want to wear anything tight or restricted. "Your body will be in distress, so wearing comfortable clothing after your session is key. We have a restroom/dressing room you can use as needed if you would like to bring something to change into.

Side note: leggings work great! Just make sure they are the everyday type; do not wear workout leggings that hold you all in tight. Wear the soft relaxing ones! AVOID coming in light colors or your favorite new "insert-clothing piece here" because "we don't want to stain your clothes/undergarments with the ink, aftercare ointment, etc. Again Restroom/Changing area is Provided before and after your sessions.


Something you might not think of and might want to bring. You might want to throw on that sweater at the end of your session.

This is actually one of my #1 recommendations for people, especially if you are anything like me!