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What to wear to for your Skin Camouflage Session


STOMACH One thing you shouldn't have to worry about is how to arrive at your appointment the day of — especially when it comes to what to wear

We do Provide Robes, Nightgowns, Maternity Gowns, Shorts, Tops, Pasties

Now I know some of this information may seem obvious. Some.. not so obvious and hopefully you will be happy with the tips!
We've been doing this for a while, and when we think we've seen it all Someone comes in and will give us a new tip to add to the list, So here we go!

What to wear to & home from your appointment


First, there's one word to sum up the type of clothing you should wear to any skin camouflage appointment: loose! We don't want to irritate the skin, so you don't want to wear anything tight or restricted. "Your body will be in distress, so wearing comfortable clothing after your session is key. We have a restroom/dressing room you can use as needed if you would like to bring something to change into.

Side note: leggings work great! Just make sure they are the everyday type; do not wear workout leggings that hold you all in tight. Wear the soft relaxing ones! AVOID coming in light colors or your favorite new "insert-clothing piece here" because "we don't want to stain your clothes/undergarments with the ink, aftercare ointment, etc. Again Restroom/Changing area is Provided before and after your sessions.


Something you might not think of and might want to bring. You might want to throw on that sweater at the end of your session.

This is actually one of my #1 recommendations for people, especially if you are anything like me!

I actually bring my own blanket when I go to the dentist not just for comfort, but I swear my body just stops producing heat every time I'm there, lol!

Why we get cold- Your body's internal temperature will fluctuate throughout the appointment. There might be times you get hot and sweaty, but your adrenaline runs out over time, which can cause your body to get cold,

Side note: NO WORRIES...During treatment, we will keep you as relaxed and comfy as possible. We have heated bed massagers on the tables, sheets, and blankets to use as needed...

What to wear during your session

We do Provide Robes, Nightgowns, Maternity Gowns, Shorts, Tops, Pasties


If you feel more comfortable in your clothing, that is perfectly ok!

Here are some tips on what to wear to make it easier for all of us!


Wear comfortable clothing that offers easy access to the body part getting the Camouflage treatment.

Once dressed, double-check to make sure we can easily get to the area we need to work on; Make sure it doesn't slide, fall or need to be held in place. If the outfit does then you are not in the proper outfit, and we will need you to change.


If we are working on an upper arm scar- the best clothing option would be a tank top or similar.

Not a T-shirt with sleeves; You will have to change into something else or take your shirt off for us to fully get to that scar without any obstruction. So tank top, something with spaghetti straps, or even a sports bra, and you can take off your shirt.

Sounds simple enough, right?

However, we have had people come in with jeans on and want their lower back and hips done and do not want to change. We cannot work like that, and honestly, it just makes things awkward for everyone.


for wearing your own clothes

Whether we are working on stretch marks, scars, Vitiligo, etc, the outfit you wear during your appointment depends on the area you're getting worked on.

If you choose to wear your own clothes during your treatment; here are some tips to help you determine what type of clothing you should wear for a back, hip, side, stomach, and even butt tattoo appointment. .

If you're getting ink in a more private place you want to be prepared to show a little skin if necessary, but not too much skin. . . if you know what we mean. Please... wear underwear!


Back Camouflage can be along your spine, on your lower back & hip, the back of your shoulder, or take up the entire back. This affects what type of top/outfit you can wear.

Some Options

  • If you feel comfortable.. just take off your shirt! Then we are good to go (unless you are a woman ) -

  • Ladies, if it will be on your bra line.. the bra will have to come off... if that doesn't bother, then you are good to go Just take it off!!)

However, if taking it off isn't your style, here are some covering-up options.

  • Choose a loose top that can be pulled up, like a t-shirt or cami, along with elastic-waist bottoms that can be pulled down,

  • Women if we need to do your bra line, we can unhook the bra, but that doesn't always work if we need to get the sides of the back, In that case, I recommend a string bikini top. We can easily move and untie as needed while you're lying down.

  • You will most likely be lying down so everything will be covered in the front.

  • You can bring a zip-up hoodie that they can turn around, so the zip is on the backside, and the fabric is covering the chest area since you cannot wear a bra - or our robes, you can do the same thing!


HIPS, BUTT, THIGHS; Pretty much anything in that area.

Some Options

  • Short maxi or body con dress you can pull up. Our short little nightgowns also work great for this.

  • Wear underwear or bathing suit bottoms under. If the underwear covers part of the lower back area being worked on.. that is fine; we know how to work with that!

  • Thighs- Short shorts also work. Like cotton lounge shorts. These are also available in the studio for use

  • Butt - you will 100% need a thong/g-string.

Side note: You probably might have laughed at the comment about wearing underwear earlier. Like I said we have "seen it all" Please wear underwear to your appointment A G-String or Thong is perfect for areas such as butt, inner thighs - and even up a little higher in the inner-inner thighs.

The very RARE RARE occasion is needed wear we will not need you to wear underwear...


Reasonably easy to plan for. A tank top with thin spaghetti straps, halter top, or strapless top allows easy access to the area You may want to forgo a bra or plan on pulling that straps down to ensure it doesn't tug at the skin for the underarms or shoulder...


BREAST, AREOLAS, SIDE BOOB- basically anything in your bra line area or upper chest.

Some Options

  • Take it off Don't worry about what to wear.. take it off! We do have pasties available for those that would like them.

  • A bikini top or bring one to change into. We will give you stickers or pasties to put on your nipples if you choose. You won't want to wear a bra unless it's a loose-fitting one or a bralette style.

  • Spaghetti top or a Bandeau top that is easily movable

  • Breast and Areolas - the maternity gowns work great as we can keep you completely covered and unsnap the front bra part.


We don't want anything too big and baggy where the clothing gets in our way.. like a long t-shirt...

  • Your bra, bikini top, or a tank top You can always wear a robe on over, so your back feels covered, and leave the robe open in front..

  • Loose shorts, pants that can be pulled down - or your underwear/ bikini bottom. we can keep you covered with sheets


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