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AFTERCARE; let's Get you healed fast from your skin camouflage tattoo.

Yay! your first session is done.. You officially have a Nude Tattoo (skin camouflage). Now let's get that skin looking amazing as fast as we can.

Aftercare; I know I know. the word aftercare sounds like a chore. Something else you have to add to your daily routine - like your day needs another thing to add to it.

But hear me out -We want you to heal as quickly as possible. I promise it's a win-win. The quicker you heal the quicker we can get you in for your touch-up sessions if needed. Not only that but the quicker you heal the sooner you get to flaunt that "Nude Tattoo". Your insecurities will no longer be visible to others around you.

On a serious note though aftercare is super important in the healing process of your tattooed skin (scars, stretch marks, Vitiligo, and other skin discolorations) and your end result.

LAST THING before I go into your aftercare. This is going to look like a lot of information. I promise it is very basic and easy to follow. This aftercare blog will be a bit more detailed than some of our other pages, but for a more simple aftercare pamphlet ill post right here!

Simple Scar Camouflage Aftercare Card
Download • 2.21MB

Aftercare pamphlet for Scar Camouflage
Download • 12.71MB

By following your aftercare instructions;

  • This significantly cuts back on the risk of something going wrong with the treatment

  • we can help minimize the hyperpigmentation during the healing process

  • Keep Scabbing and peeling to a minimum - which helps retain the pigment

  • shorten healing time

  • less touch-up sessions required

My husband calls me the "scientist" as I'm always researching and looking into new ways to help the skin look its best. Whether that be serums, oils, vitamins for Microneedling and Inkless Scar Removal, or for the quickest ways to heal our body from procedures we do in the studio

Aftercare; Instructions for a quicker healing


The results and longevity of your tattoo will depend greatly on how you take care of your scar camouflage during the healing process and beyond. Each client’s skin will respond differently, both in the length of time it takes to heal, and the number of sessions needed for your desired results and color retention. Although, it's a form of a tattoo. we are still creating an open wound on your skin. The areas tattooed will be inflamed and swelled for about 1-3 days. Your body is asking for you to be gentle to it and give it the things it needs to heal. that includes keeping your insides as healthy as possible!!


It's a good idea to get familiar with how to take care of your medical tattoo (micropigmentation) after your procedure! Take a look at the aftercare so you can prepare yourself for what's to come after your session.

First Day

  • Limit the wear of tight clothing for the first 48 hours, you will need to let the area breathe as much as possible during the healing process and not irritate the skin

  • Do not shower for 24 hours if possible. if showering in the first 24 hrs keep the area treated as dry as possible. You may do a quick wash of your "Nude Tattoos" before bed with lukewarm water and unscented soap or cleanser.

  • Apply the aftercare that is given to you by NUDETATU in a thin layer after cleaning. Make sure your hands are clean before you touch your tattoos and before you wash them. Repeat in the morning. You will continue this for 5 days minimum. Do not over-saturate with aftercare balm. You don’t want to let the area get too dried out either. **If you feel like your tattoo is drying out apply after balm as needed**

First Week

  • Again Limit the wear of tight clothing for the first 48 hours, Longer if needed to avoid irritation

  • 3 days, cold compress the areas at least 3x daily for 10 minutes or as needed to reduce swelling. NO ICE just use a cold compress or ice-cold water.

  • Apply a thin layer of Aquafor (or something similar) 2-3 times daily with a gloved or cleaned hand or clean Q-tip for the first 3-5 days. We will supply you with aftercare to use those first few days. Again Do not over-saturate with aftercare balm and lotions. You don’t want to let the area get too dried out either. You will switch to unscented lotion for 2 weeks, such as Lubriderm or Cetaphil, after your 5 days of aftercare balm.

  • Gentle Soap can be used if needed. Pat dry only.

  • Do not peel/scratch treated area at all; DO NOT pick at or peel any dry skin or flakiness. Instead, allow it to flake off by itself. Doing so will pull the pigment out! This is extremely important

  • Say no to extensive exercise for 1-week after medical tattooing. . Avoid heavy exercise for at least 3 days if possible... longer the better as excessive sweating can pull the pigment out. Keep a towel handy to pat dry the area while healing in the first 2 weeks when working out. Try to gently wipe off sweat as soon as possible.

  • Avoid any direct sun exposure. It is imperative that you do not expose your re-pigmented skin to direct sunlight, tanning booths, or any products which increase melanin (what gives your skin its color) for at least 5 days. Although, 10 days would make us happy =), wear sunscreen daily to maintain the integrity of the pigments when in sun.

  • Do not submerge the treatment area in water for at least 5- 7 days. This includes baths, pools, hot tubs, etc

  • Avoid harsh soaps, ointments, and lotions (other than those noted above) on the affected area for the first 7 days. Also, DO NOT use Neosporin or Bacitracin, antibiotic creams. They will pull the pigment out.

  • Avoid makeup of any kind on your medical tattoo for 7 days following your procedure.

  • No massages, facials, or skin treatments for 5 days.

  • Avoid gardening for the first week or while healing. Any dirt or bacteria that comes into contact with your tattoo could cause an infection

  • If you have pets, understand that pet hair and dander is one of the biggest culprits behind infected tattoos. Keep pets away from your tattoo during the healing process!

For an Additional Week

  • Still use Gentle Soap can be used if needed. Pat dry only.

  • No laser on the treated area. After 14 days, if you laser, you need to be sure the laser professional know your ink has Titanium Dioxide in it, as the laser treatment can affect the pigment.

  • If Possible No Sun. Otherwise SPF

  • If possible still as NO to baths, hot tubs, and saunas

  • Keep area as clean as possible

  • Do not peel/scratch treated area at all; DO NOT pick at or peel any dry skin or flakiness. Instead, allow it to flake off by itself. Doing so will pull the pigment out! This is extremely important

No exfoliants, retinol acids, glycolic acids and alpha hydroxy acids on the area for 30 days to treated areas after the appointment (causes premature fading).

Helpful Tips

  • Limit processed food if possible for a couple of days before and after your treatments. inflammatory foods

  • Limit consumption of alcohol before and after their camouflage procedure

  • Are not on their monthly cycle when they get tattooed or had their covid shot within 30 days, as pain receptors are high. YOU WILL FEEL the NEEDLE More and may slow down healing.

  • Staying away from inflammatory foods can help speed up the recovery process. Sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. This isn't necessary but could aid in healing and recovery time

    • Trans-fat; packaged cakes, cookies, pastries, and all processed foods

    • Refined carbohydrates that have added sugar and flour; candy, bread, pasta, pastries, some cereals

    • Alcohol – limit consumption to only a couple of drinks a week

    • Sugary drinks with added juices, simple syrup, and mixers

    • Processed meats; sausage, bacon, ham, smoked meat, and beef jerky

    • Dairy or limiting it to 1 serving a day because it can cause inflammation

Please Remember - This is NORMAL

  • Stretchmark/scars will be dark during the healing process. Please don't panic. This can last up to 60-90 days until your skin is fully healed to its new fabulous skin tone! The process of Hyperchromia can be a natural part of the healing process. Though it can happen at any time during the healing stage it tends to be around the 2-3 week mark.

  • Slight swelling, itching, scabbing, light bruising, and dry tightness one week after the procedure is still normal.

  • Very dark and slightly uneven appearance is normal

  • Color change or color loss. As the scars & stretch mark area heals, the ink may turn red, then pink, then brown, or purple. Again...This is normal

  • The procedure area has to be completely healed before addressing any concerns. This takes at least two months (or 45-60 days) but could possibly take longer depending on your skin. Although we can get you in for your touch-up sessions sooner than that just remember final healing time takes at least 45-60 days after the last session.

  • People heal differently. Your age, muscle strength and tone, and conditions such as diabetes can play a part in your healing process. Many factors can modify how quickly you heal. SO DONT PANIC if you are taking longer than others!

  • Failure to follow aftercare instructions may result in infections, pigment loss, or discoloration.

**If you experience any of the following symptoms, please immediately contact your health care provider: worsening redness or tenderness, warmth, drainage, fever, or rash.


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