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How Much Does Scar & Stretch Mark Camouflage Cost

Besides the question "what happens when I tan with the Camouflage"? Cost is the number one question asked. For us to give you an exact price, a consultation needs to be done first.

Why do I need a Consultation?

Consultations are always required as prices vary depending on many factors. At our studio, we allow for several different options when it comes to talks. It can be as simple as sending us a picture of the area and answering a few questions by phone, email, or text.

You may also prefer to come in for an in-person consultation or virtual consultation by zoom or facetime. We will be here for whichever way you feel the most comfortable! We want you to be as comfortable as possible when you have your treatments with us, so we designed our studio with relaxation in mind when we created our studio. As soon as you walk in our doors, our Boho Vibe will put you at ease!

Now for COST of treatment

On Average, Prices go from as little as $250 for the smaller area (scar) and $1500 per section for more extensive areas. The number of sessions depends on scar tissue, and you may need to relax the scar with dry needling/Inkless sessions before we go into Camouflage.

We look for multiple things when it comes to pricing

  • Size of the area - ex. is it a small scar you have from a fall as a kid, a small cut, or maybe a tiny surgical scar? Or is it a more prominent area like maybe a Tummy Tuck Scar or stretch marks on the tummy?

  • Now let's say it's tummy stretch marks. Our next question would be, "do you only have a few? Or a lot, and do they also go onto the hips and other areas? Then we would also need to see if the stretch marks are lighter than your natural skin tone or if you have any Hyperpigmentation.

  • Hyperpigmentation -the scar/stretch mark or the surrounding area is darker than your skin tone; then, more sessions are needed to calm down the darkness before going into Camouflage.

  • If we are covering a scar, do you scar easily? If you do, are they ever Keloid scars?

  • Will you benefit more initially with the Inkless method to help reduce the size and appearance of the scar/ stretch mark before we do Camouflage?

The prices below are an estimate of the average going pricing for camouflage treatment

Stretch Mark Camouflage Price Estimates: PER SESSION. Treatments always Require a Minimum of 2 sessions as you will not benefit from 1 session

  • Outer upper Arms Only: $450

  • Shoulders: Front or back $450

  • Under Arms: $400

  • Breasts: $400

  • Buttocks: $475

  • Lower Back: $400

  • Calves: $400

  • Hips: $400

  • Knees (front and back) $400

  • Thigh front $450

  • Thigh Back $450

  • Inner Thigh (between legs) $475

  • Stomach: $550

Scar Camouflage Price Estimates: PER SESSION

  • 4-6 Liposuction Scars for $250

  • Small Tiny Hypo Scar: $200

  • Small Complex Hypo Scar (indented) $300

  • Small Hyper Scar $250 (Sunspot)

  • Small Complex Hyper $350

  • Tummy Tuck (small/Hypo) $600

  • Tummy Tuck (Large Hyper/keloid) $600 (MINIMUM 4 SESSIONS)

This is just an estimate and depends on the size of the area we are performing the scar/stretch mark treatment—also, the density and severity (COLOR) of the scar/stretch marks. For example; Deep, wide scars or scars darker than your natural skin color will require more sessions of both Ink and Inkless methods than those that are lighter and less noticeable.

Camouflage Treatments always Require a Minimum of 2 sessions as you will not benefit from 1 session. On average requiring 2-4 sessions. The number of sessions depends on scar tissue. Usually, several sessions are required to build up the ink in scar tissue.

Now you might be thinking the prices seem reasonable, or you may be thinking WOW... this stuff is expensive!!

Yes, it seems expensive at first glance, but I still want to break it down and explain how we work regarding our treatment package. Below is a chart with the average price breakdown per session. First, with the Minimum 2 session prepayment, Then with the recommended added pretreatment session. Take a glance at it then we'll continue.....

Here at NudeTatu, we use the chart BELOW as a guide.

If we feel you will benefit that way or if you choose to pay for 2 session package to start, we can do that. Then If you decide to add more sessions or more areas, you will pay per session as needed per area. Glance over the prices, then I'll explain our other options for treatment plans.

TABLE CHART FOR AN AVERAGE Stretch Mark CAmouflage (this is an estimated cost)


Stomach Belly button down

​Stomach Above Belly Button

​Outer upper Arms Only

​Inner Upper Arms Only

Shoulders Front or back

​Thighs Front

​Thighs Back

​Thighs Sides

​Inner Thighs

​Top of Breasts

​Side Boob

​Under Boob



​Knees Front and Back


​Price Per Area

















Minimum 2 sessions required



​ $900














Pre-Inkless treatment

+ additional $450

+ additional $250

​+ additional $300

​+ additional $250

​+ additional $250

+ additional $250

+ additional $250

​+ additional $275

+ additional $275

+ additional $350

​+ additional $250

​+ additional $300

+ additional $350

+ additional $350

​+ additional $250

+ additional $250


















So Hopefully, you checked out the price list for the average cost per session. Yes, it can look pricy, and it might need to be something you plan and save. We also have a payment plan if you need to break it up into a couple of payments. This allows you to start your treatment right away!

Now, let's compare Camouflage to other things we might spend money on, Hair appointments for color and cut at a salon. So we will talk about me here for a minute. I cut my hair not too long ago after my daughter, but before that, it was long. It maybe went to mid-back or so, but it's thick! Going to a salon costs me $300+ a visit. I learned to do my root touch-ups at home, not to go every 6 weeks (which my roots need). However, every 2-3 months, I have to go back to the salon. In a year, there goes over $1000 in hair appointments. Now I know not everyone spends that much on hair; even an average of $150 every 6-8 weeks, you're still close to $1000. A microneedling facial can average $300+ at many places; one day at an amusement park just for tickets alone can cost $200 a person. I feel like I'm spending a whole weekend getaway just for a day trip to Disneyland.

Restaurant and grocery store prices are insane these days, especially since Covid! I feel like I cant even go to Breakfast with the 3 of us without spending almost 100 dollars. Alright, sorry I went way off track and away from my point, so let's get back on track.

Yes, this is not going to be cheap. Lots of factors go into this when it comes to pricing Camouflage sessions. Each session takes, on average, 2-3+ hrs. We are working with needles and penetrating the skin, which means new supplies every visit, every session, whether gloves, ink, oils, stem cells, serums, NEEDLES, numbing, etc. The aftercare provided for you to take home, the cost of the facility, etc., and employees, if any. So lots of expenses go into every session.

In the end, YOU need to decide if this will make you happy and more confident when it comes to your body. You are doing this for yourself! So come in check us out. Get a feel and vibe for the place. Talk to us and get to know us! We are a family-run studio that will have honest conversations with you if you need help deciding what to do. No pushy sales tactics... we promise! If you haven't read the ", About Me" section on our website, go check it. It will give you a glimpse of why we got into this business and are so passionate about it!


Let's talk about how we like to charge for our sessions here.

NOW let's talk about us here at NUDETATU. We love to try and combine a treatment package to save you money and cut down on the cost of individual sessions.

For an average Stomach Stretch Mark Camouflage treatment, we typically charge around $1,500. Now that's average, as we said, different factors can change the price point. so It could be more, or it could even be less $$

Now that $1,500 would be the total cost for everything in that treatment package. The chart above shows Camouflage for stretch marks on the Stomach for $1,100 for 2 sessions on average. Then, add the pretreatment, which puts you at a $1,550 minimum cost. So you are now already paying more than what our package would cost. If you have any stretch marks above the belly button, that's an additional cost for each session.

Finally, you may need a couple of additional sessions depending on your scar tissue and scar color, etc. So, let's add another session of Inkless at $450 and another camouflage session at $550. So, now the total is $2,150 for a typical average treatment for stretch marks on the lower Stomach.

So that $2,150 average cost would be $1,500 for us in a treatment plan
  • 2 Inkless treatment sessions & 3 Camouflage sessions


  • 1 Inkless treatment session & 4 Camouflage sessions

Add more areas for discount

Another thing we are also able to do is to combine areas for even a better deal when you do it at the same time as another area.

For example, you came in for your Tummy Tuck Scar, but you also have many stretch marks on your Stomach. You want to do your stretch marks, but you want to Tummy Tuck first because it bothers you the most!!! Get it. It makes sense. You want to take what bothers you the most first. That is an option. You can totally do that. Or if you don't mind the stretch marks, you don't have to worry about them at all, lol.

But let's say you do want those stretch marks covered. When doing them as separate treatments not much we can do. A new treatment package needs to be created,

SO how can we offer a more significant discount when combing treatments?

When you add those stretch marks to your Tummy Tuck scar, we can offer a lower price than doing them individually because we can treat all the areas simultaneously in the same session versus just doing the Tummy Tuck scar. But, then, you want to come back in a few months to work on stretch marks that require a whole other appointment with a new setup.

When combining, we can do it all in one appointment, which allows us to use the same ink, serums, needles, and supplies on you. However, since everything we use is sterile and disposable, we must start with new supplies every session. So, let's go back to our scenario. We are working on your Tummy Tuck Scar; your session is complete for the day, but we still have a cup of pigment or inkless serum, needles, and of course, everything else we used left. Once you walk out that door, we throw all that away; and cannot be used on another client. SO since you are already getting something done (Tummy Tuck Scar), adding another area for us to work on simultaneously saves us money on supplies, etc., which allows us to pass the savings on to you!

I hope this helped explain things a little bit more in detail for you. Our goal is for you to understand everything and not leave with any questions or concerns. We hope you take the time to check us out if this is something you are interested in doing!

If you are interested in more of the whole natural approach we use instead of the Camouflage with skin tone pigment. I will be writing something up soon on our INKLESS method shortly. so check back and I will post a link when ready!


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